What are we

Our Haunt features dozens of different themed rooms

for a mix of a bunch of different fears.


Open on marked days

We are open from 7 PM to Midnight every Friday and Saturday and Sunday the 30th

Location is

338 East 3rd Street Imlay City

Things to Know

How young is to young for the haunt?
If there is even a slight doubt if your child couldn’t handle it, don’t bring them. It differs from child to child, but this attraction is designed for adults in mind.

Could I be hurt?
As long as you don’t run or hit you shouldn’t but sometimes accidents do happen. Our freaks and monsters won’t touch or harm you. Almost all accidents that happen in haunts are caused by fear, so be safe.

When are we open?
Fridays – Saturdays in September and October.
All of our dates can be found on our website or Facebook.

No sorry once you enter the haunt there will be no refunds.

We are close by the city where you could easily find food mattering on how late you arrive.

Rain? Snow?
We are a indoor haunt so no matter what unless its extremely bad weather we should be open.

$20 Per Person

Scare Easily / Have a phobia?
This Haunt might not be for you, we have different rooms that target different fears, enter at your own risk.

Any other questions don’t hesitate to call or email, Happy Halloween.